The Benefits of Using Genbook Are Clear

Below are some of the features that the Genbook online appointment booking system provides. Our scheduling solutions are functionally rich and have too many features to list, so if you don't see one you need for your business, be sure to ask us if it's available.

Genbook Free

We offer the following features at no charge as part of our robust Genbook Free package. Use Genbook Free as long as you want. There are no hassles, no hidden fees, and never any obligations when you sign up with Genbook. No credit card required!

Unlimited Free Online Bookings

With Genbook there's no limit to the number of bookings you can receive. Go ahead and promote your new online availability with current customers, and place a Book Now button or link on your home page for prospective customers. It's free marketing for your services!

Unlimited Staff and Services

Have multiple providers that offer specific services? No problem. We give you the power to decide the number of providers and services you list, that way your clients can schedule for the specific service they need, and the provider of their choice.

Free Book Now Button

Your clients simply click on the Book Now button that we give you to place on your Web site, Craigslist, or anyplace else you want customers to book your services. They then click through to your online Scheduling Home Page, where they can view the availability of your services and schedule their own appointment by selecting an available time slot.

Automatic Appointment Confirmation

Your customers receive automatic confirmation of their booked appointment once they've entered it, as well as an email reminder prior to the appointment. You also receive a notification that an appointment has been scheduled.

Flexible Appointment Scheduling

Have it your way by creating appointments with the duration and pricing that are right for you. Set your schedule availability (how many days out you allow booking) to your liking. You can even block out appointment times, or times between appointments, with a click of the mouse. It is that simple.

Free Online Scheduling Page

Don't have a Web site? Not to worry. We'll provide you with your very own scheduling page, hosted and maintained by Genbook, that allows your staff and clients to simultaneously search and confirm appointments online, in real-time.

Additional Customer Information Field

We give you an additional information field that you can use to collect special customer requests and additional notes, which are attached to specific appointments. This allows you to better service your customers' needs.

Customer Reviews

Ever wonder what your customers really think of the service you provide? At your request we can query your customers about the service you provide and send you their responses. Understanding how they feel about your business will allow you to better manage your reputation and improve services to keep customers happy and coming back. You can also post positive reviews on your site to encourage new online bookings.

6-Week Advance Scheduling

Customers can book the services they need online for as early as tomorrow (you set the field parameters) and as far out as 6 weeks in advance.

Business Graphics

Quickly upload your business graphic and/or logo to your online scheduling pages to create a more personalized experience.

Genbook Standard

By far our most popular package, Genbook Standard combines the flexibility of our Free editions as well as personalization features that allow you to more effectively grow and manage your business.

Comprehensive Customer Database

Better service your customers by maintaining a clear view of their personal preferences and contact information. Our system captures additional vital information on each customer - including email address, telephone number, session and cancellation totals, and more.

Credit Card Capture

Our credit card capture service helps protect you against no shows by requiring client credit card numbers, which are stored safely and securely with 128-bit encryption - the same security level maintained by Internet banks and respected ecommerce sites. That way, if they fail to show up you'll have the information you need to charge them in accordance with your set cancellation fee. You can turn the feature on or off as you see fit.

12-Month Advance Scheduling

Allow your customers to book appointments as much as 12 months (as opposed to 6 weeks with our Genbook Free package) in advance - or as soon as tomorrow. Enable them to schedule monthly, semi-annual, and annual appointments. You set the fields, so anything goes!

Text Message Notifications

Receive instant notification by text message every time you receive a new online appointment. You can configure your staff to receive individual notifications for their own appointments.